Working on: Sales, Import and Export of products

    Having enjoyed travelling in various locations around the world, I got to taste and try variety of different products that I had never seen or tried before. For there were many that became my indisputable favorites, I found it rather difficult to accept less interesting choices back at home.

    After years of sending informative recommendations to our local retailers about the products I believed could sell well that were not yet in their lists and providing variety of ideas to improve customer experience, a friend of mine advised me to make my own company.

   This is where Eliviate OÜ finally got started. There were some products and ideas that seemed to have succeeded from my past recommendations and some that seemed to have not or possibility lies that they were just not read in the first place. With my own company though, I could be more hands on, guarantee results better, be more informed and dedicated to what I am interested in.

   By the time of founding the company, I had already started to take seasonal jobs in selling products at fairs and events around Estonia and Finland. The experience I gained from this, has helped me to analyze, observe and understand different markets and selling tactics. As I grew quite compassionate about selling and studying the market, starting my own company did not seem as a complex task at first.

   In time, I realized that making a company, managing it and improvement is far not as easy and fast as expected. The reason for good and unique products to not find their way to our local markets or if, then struggle to sell here, lay far deeper than I had initially assumed.

   This is where our slogan “Where experience comes first” finds its way in. We have decided to be different from other import-export companies in our approach to importing, exporting, selling, local markets, end-customers and products choice. We do not believe in a theory that it is the product that either sells or not on a specific market and that it is best to choose products that are already popular. We excel in deep analyze, study and innovative approach, believing it is more about the “how?” and the “where?” and the “when?”. For this reason, we see a need to not only handle import and export, but also do a limited, strategic retail selling and promotions. This serves as a valuable part when importing products that are still alien to the local market, but do have potential in terms of quality, design, practicality and deeper lying interests of the end-customers. Our tactics therefore, are rather rooted in the value of introduction experience before any sales deal.


Written by Triin Sünter,

CEO and Founder of Eliviate OÜ